From the beginning, Sauti Moja was established as a means for the average Canadian to join the founders in expressing compassion for the pastoralist people of East Africa. Together, we accompany these marginalized communities in their challenges to realizing their rights in the face of socio-economic and environmental adversity.

Our donors come from all walks of life and support vulnerable pastoralists, as they are able. Our private donors are foundational to the sustainability of Sauti Moja and its partner organizations – Sauti Moja Marsabit and Sauti Moja Tanzania. We honour our donors, as we interact with our beneficiaries, who frequently ask us to thank donors on their behalf. (Donors who visit our projects get to experience first-hand the gratitude of our beneficiaries!)

In addition, we have been fortunate to have on-going support from several institutions which have enabled us to scale-up various projects.

Emergency Relief and Development Overseas (ERDO) has provided funding that is critical to both our family health and livestock activities, including food aid for beneficiaries during time of drought and hunger.
ERDO is a member agency of the Canadian Food Grains Bank (CFGB), which accesses funds from the Government of Canada, and through them, we have scaled-up our livestock work with the four-year 1000 Widows Initiative. They have also assisted with emergency food aid for beneficiaries.
Rotary is a well-known international agency that supports projects around the World. Several Rotary clubs from Southern Ontario have supported Sauti Moja in its HIV Prevention and Care program as well as were the primary donors for and helped with construction of the new Oltepesi Preschool.

Other institutions have provided valued support for construction and providing water to the Oltepesi school as well as for sexual and reproductive health education in Tanzania. These include the Retired Teachers of Ontario, Libra Foundation in the USA, and various donors in Belgium.


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