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Sauti Moja empowers grassroots organizations by collaborating with local leaders to achieve positive change in their communities. The organizations that we partner with in Kenya and Tanzania were founded by individuals we’ve known and worked with for many years. They are inspiring visionaries and highly-competent leaders, who are deeply committed to serving their home communities and dedicated to modeling excellence. We count ourselves privileged to work with them and provide financial, technical and management support, as needed. And, a great source of our joy is being able to introduce our donor partners to our great program partners. 

Rural Education and Training Organization (RETO) in Kenya and Sauti Moja Tanzania (SMTZ) in Tanzania are legally-independent of Sauti Moja in Canada. Their values and operating principles correspond to those of Sauti Moja in Canada. We support projects that are developed together with us, and we monitor and advise on implementation and reporting. They also develop and submit project proposals to other funding agencies which enhances their ability to respond to the needs of their communities and contributes to their sustainability. We are pleased to have partners that demonstrate integrity and excellence as well as empower their staff. 

Rural Education and Training Organization is a Community-Based Organization (CBO) based in Logologo, Kenya. We have collaborated with these community leaders to implement livestock, health and vulnerable youth projects, beginning in 2008. Currently, RETO focuses on literacy of young mothers, family and community health, peacemaking, and livestock loans. Our Vulnerable Youth program supports education for child mothers and deaf children, as well as conducts sexual and reproductive health training in schools. Soon, children who were unable to attend school due to family responsibilities will be able to attend shepherd school.

Sauti Moja Tanzania is a national non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Longido, Tanzania. SMTZ focuses on communities within Longido District, which is predominantly of Maasai ethnicity. Programming includes preschool education, family and community health, including sexual and reproductive health in schools, and livestock loans to vulnerable moms. Each year, SMTZ hosts university students from North America and Europe to fulfill their academic requirements. Our current emphasis is on scaling up health and livelihoods programming.




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