Why Choose Sauti Moja?

Expertise and professionalism:  Collectively, the Sauti Moja Canada Team has over 60 years of field experience in 26 countries. Our partners are local leaders who have technical expertise that equips them to identify community priorities and appropriate interventions. Together, we develop and implement highly-effective programs for the communities we serve!

Transformed lives:  Our programming is in response to local initiatives by competent leaders who are passionate about the most vulnerable members of their communities. They are key to our successes – single mothers feed their children better with livestock loans, stigmatized young mothers and deaf children are being educated, communities are addressing the issue of HIV/AIDS, women are peacemakers, and children in remote villages are getting superior preschool education.

Integrity and accountability:  Sauti Moja is committed to the high standards of the Canadian Council of Independent Charities. We provide management direction and on-going monitoring of program activities and finances. Individual donors and those providing grants are invited to ‘see and hear’ for themselves; those who come are impressed. Most importantly, we work with local leaders who demand results!

Low overhead: On average, <8% is used on administration and fundraising in Canada. The Director, Communication and Program Manager, and Africa Program Advisor volunteer their time for program management, communications and fundraising. Staff of partner agencies receives only a modest salary, as they consider their work a ministry, not a job. Therefore, most donations are of direct benefit to vulnerable households.

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