Global Education

Sauti Moja is committed to raising awareness about the issues that are affecting the pastoralist communities where we work. We want to foster understanding about the challenges – environmental, cultural, economic and political - facing these people. Ultimately, we wish to mobilize people to support changes that lead to a more just and equitable global community.


Sauti Moja tells the stories of our work, partners, and beneficiary communities via publications (Annual Report, brochures, and articles) and through social media (website, YouTube, FaceBook, and our blog).


Each year, Sauti Moja and its partners host donors and representatives of other agencies to the pastoralist communities where we work. We help visitors engage in the local culture and learn about how communities struggle to adapt to socio-economic and environmental challenges.


Sauti Moja has collaborated with seven universities to support field study programs and internships that provide research and practicum opportunities for students from Africa, Europe and North America.


As opportunities arise, Sauti Moja and its supporters publish stories and information in newspapers and journals, are interviewed for radio, and make presentations to groups and at conferences.

Our Blog and Facebook page, below, illustrate the difference that people like you can make in the lives of vulnerable women, children and communities. Then, consider a donation.

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