Family and Community Health

In order to counter the dearth of health education and medical services in most pastoralist communities, Sauti Moja supports local communities, particularly women and young girls, in child health and nutrition, prevention of disease and unwanted pregnancies, and care for people living with HIV/AIDS.



In order to further enhance family well-being, family health training is provided to single mothers who receive livestock loans. The 14-lesson curriculum includes reproductive health, family planning, gender-based violence, and child health and nutrition. Health of mothers and children is regularly monitored, and the women become health advocates in their villages.



School girls are trained in sexual and reproductive health on topics selected in consultation with the girls: puberty and personal hygiene; prevention of pregnancy and STIs, including HIV; female genital mutilation; child rights related to marriage; sexual and gender-based violence; healthy relationships; and life skills that support their education goals.


Local leaders conduct ‘community conversations’ to sensitize their communities to the risk of HIV, encourage HIV-testing, develop strategies to reduce risk of an epidemic, and identify those who will provide care for those living with HIV/AIDS.


Child mothers receiving educational support attend a child mothers’ workshop during school break. Topics include sexual and reproductive health, good child care, and life skills (self-esteem, goal setting, effective decision-making and communication, stress management, women and child rights, and gender-based violence.)

Donate $100 for a training session of school girls on sexual and reproductive health OR
$175 for one training session of youth on HIV-prevention.

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