Conflict between tribes, such as between the Rendille and Borana of Marsabit, totally disrupts lives with an atmosphere of constant fear, destroys families, and impoverishes innocent people. This environment of fear and violence contributes to intergenerational animosity toward ‘the others’. Sauti Moja has targeted two groups as potential peacemakers – widows of conflict and primary school children from these communities.


Women impoverished and widowed due to livestock raids, but wishing for a new start in life, formed peace groups with ‘enemy’ widows in similarly dire straits. Their commitment qualified them for livestock loans, but in contrast to regular banks, their loan is paid off by giving female offspring to another widow of conflict from the enemy community. Watch a video.

Reconciliation between widows is facilitated through a healing process that includes repentance and forgiveness which provides the foundation for their peace. They model and then advocate for restored relationship between their communities. Their request for school children to be taught about conflict and peacemaking led to establishing Peace Clubs to help stop the cycle of violence.

As news of restored relationships initiated by these catalysts for peace spread to other communities, these women became peace ambassadors who were invited to give testimony of personal and community transformation through song and drama in neighbouring communities, county events, and nationally as well as told their stories of reconciliation on local radio.


Peace Clubs are established in primary schools to teach skills in conflict resolution, help students critically think about the conflict in their relationships, family and community, come up with peaceful, creative solutions to such conflict, and promote and model peacemaking.

                                   Donate $100 for a Peace Club meeting (staff, meeting, and transport costs

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