Conflict between tribes, such as between the Rendille and Borana of Marsabit, totally disrupts lives with an atmosphere of constant fear, destroys families, and impoverishes innocent people. In order to initiate peacemaking between communities, Sauti Moja focuses on widows of conflict as catalysts for peace. Watch our YouTube Video.


Women, who have been impoverished and widowed due to livestock raids but wish for a new start in life, formed a peace and livelihoods group with women in similarly dire straits from the ‘enemy’ community.


A community livestock bank is established with 20 widows from tribes in conflict – 10 from each community. Women receive livestock loans, but in contrast to regular banks, payoff their loan by giving female offspring to other widows of conflict from the ‘enemy’ community.


Peace and reconciliation between widows is facilitated through a healing process that includes repentance and forgiveness, and provides the foundation for their commitment to restored relationship between their communities in conflict.


As news of peacemaking initiated by widows of conflict spreads to other communities, these women give their testimonies of personal and community transformation through song and drama in neighbouring communities and at county events.

Donate $60 for a local peace meeting or $225 to begin peace process in new communities.

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