Education for Vulnerable Youth

Sauti Moja empowers vulnerable children - stigmatized girl mothers, orphans and deaf children - with counsel, by supporting their academic and technical education, and by providing health and life skills training. Our hope and their dream is that they become self-sufficient and able to care for their families well.


School girls who have an unwanted pregnancy can face incredible family and community pressures. They are provided with trauma counseling, support for safe delivery of their baby, family mediation to avoid forced early marriage, and career counseling. This is complemented with on-going counsel for several years.



Girl mothers, whose families are unable or unwilling to support them, are provided with academic and vocational training so that they eventually become self-sufficient and are able to care for their child well. Sponsors provide the required financial support to educate the girl and ensure good care for her baby; our Coordinators enroll them in an appropriate program and monitor their progress.


All young mothers and the deaf girls are required to attend a child mothers’ workshop during school break. Topics include sexual and reproductive health, good child care, and life skills (self-esteem, effective decision-making, stress management, women and child rights, and gender-based violence.)


Deaf boys and girls from female-headed households and families who are unable to afford special education are supported to travel to and attend boarding schools that offer primary, secondary and technical education for the deaf. Their educational success reduces community stigma toward them and helps them find meaningful employment.

Donate $100 to cover the workshop costs for a child mother
or $200 for a deaf girl to attend secondary school for one term.

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