Early Childhood Education and Development (LECHE)

Sauti Moja supports Montessori classrooms and child nutrition activities in two villages in order to foster healthy development of Maasai preschoolers and subsequent achievement in primary school so that an increased number of Maasai attend secondary school and progress to positions of leadership in Tanzania.

Maasai children in two remote villages who grow up speaking only Maa receive Montessori preschool education (CASA Program) in order to provide them with a good start in primary school where the language of instruction is Swahili.


Nutritious school lunch helps preschoolers, many of whom are malnourished, learn better, and supports healthy development.


Growth of preschoolers is monitored quarterly, and each term, a medical doctor provides a physical check-up. Teachers ensure that children receive recommended medical care.


Parents of children with serious medical conditions, such as surgery for congenital heart disorder (photo), severe burns, and disease, are provided financial support, as appropriate, and are accompanied to hospitals where the child can access specialist care.

                Donate $20/mo will support the education and healthy development of a Maasai preschooler.

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