HIV Prevention and Care

Sauti Moja supports local leaders to sensitize their community to the risk of HIV, mobilize members to develop strategies to reduce risk of an epidemic, and provide care for those living with this disease in order to keep families together and reduce the number of orphans.


Community leaders learn about HIV, are sensitized to the personal and community risks associated with it, and trained in reducing the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. Then, they lead ‘community conversations’ – an approach that engages the women, men and youth in developing plans for HIV prevention.


Community members who are courageous enough to publicly-identify as having AIDS form a peer support group that helps them face family and community stigma. They identify critical needs, including hunger and access to medical care arising from the disease and that is frequently unaffordable.


Community members volunteer for and are trained in Home-Based Care for those living with AIDS; two women volunteer to provide counsel to mothers attending pre-natal clinic; and other volunteers host and counsel visitors to the HIV/AIDS Resource Centre people learn more about HIV prevention.


Persons who are HIV-positive generally have low energy and reduced capacity for household chores and producing food for the family. If hungry, those needing ARVs to survive get too sick to take them; then we may provide them with goats to increase household food and, during drought, food assistance.

                           Donate $80 will enable a mother living with AIDS to access critical medical care

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